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»Between a Wolf and a Dog«, der letzte Roman der australischen Schriftstellerin Georgia Blain, steht auf der Shortlist für den Stella Prize.

Georgia Blain, Between a Wolf and a Dog

Judge's report: "Between a Wolf and a Dog is an accomplished and sympathetic novel about love and motherhood, therapy, the impact of betrayal, and the choices that arise from acts of irresponsibility, or from careful deliberation. Ester is a therapist, advising her clients on the options available to them that they can’t always see for themselves. Her ex-husband, Lawrence, is a pollster who manipulates his data for the thrill of transgression, but who is ultimately required to perform an unselfish and difficult act. Between a Wolf and a Dog is Georgia Blain’s final novel, and it is a triumph: finely structured, suspenseful and morally acute."

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