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Viet Thanh Nguyens Roman »The Sympathizer« ist für den International Dublin Literary Award 2017 nominiert.

Viet Thanh Nugyen, The Sympathizer

Der Gewinner wird von Bibliothekaren in über 400 Bibliotheken weltweit auserkoren. In der Begründung für »The Sympathizer« heißt es:

"The Sympathizer is dark humor at its finest, and an expert portrayal of the duality in the life of a man “with two minds”: that of Vietnamese, and American, that of a secret agent of the Viet Cong and officer in the South Vietnamese Army. The novel is presented as a coerced jail cell confessional by a double-agent returned to Vietnam after years in the United States.

The unnamed narrator in Nguyen’s exceptional debut novel is working for the South Vietnamese Army, but he’s also an undercover agent for the Viet Cong. A man of “two faces,”, sympathetic to the Vietnamese on both sides of the conflict, he saves his derision for the Americans, especially their perceptions of Asians. Nguyen’s darkly comic take on the Vietnamese refugee experience is poignantly funny and filled with irony and insight.

As the Vietnam War and U.S. involvement come to an inconclusive end in 1975, the author perceptively portrays the conflicts which existed within the Vietnamese people. There were those who supported the United States and those who supported the North Vietnamese which created lasting wounds."

»The Sympathizer« erscheint im Herbst 2017 auf Deutsch im Blessing Verlag.