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Radka Denemarková's novel »Hodiny z olova« (Hours of Lead) is nominated for the Magnesia Litera prize 2019 in the prose category.

Radka Denemarková, Hodiny z olova

"HODINY Z OLOVA (Hours of Lead) is an unusually large and multi-layered novel, with a new strong language, deliberately conceived as a political and emotionally profound work of art, that seeks to influence. It is shedding light on contemporary Europe and the contemporary form of Chinese society as a totalitarian regime. In essence, it shows the fate of those who are in the position of victims.The novel contrasts with the traditional image of characters as unique beings, sometimes within ordinary events.The main characters in the novel HOURS OF LEAD represent symbolic types, similar to the tradition of ancient mythology. They are portrayed in representative professions with attitudes that manifest themselves in fateful events. Private fates confronted with unsustainable social mechanisms. The rise of Chinese power being at the same time a counterpoint to the blossoming values of European civilization, now in crisis, with their very foundations being lost. HOURS OF LEAD, an opus magnum, is the attempt of a great novel that is intended to give the reader the rich feeling that he is "merely" reading a well-thought-out story." (

HODINY Z OLOVA is published by Host, Brno (2018). All translation rights are available.