Glogger-Beat-2012After studying Microbiology and Biochemistry at Zurich University, Beat Glogger trained as a journalist at MAZ Luzern and worked as a science journalist for television and print media for fourteen years. For twelve years he was the host of science magazine MTW on Swiss public TV. Beat was a correspondent and freelance TV producer in Latin America for three years and published several non-fiction books and two novels. With his own Scitec-Media agency for science communication he is a consultant to various public and private science projects. He received several awards for ably combining facts and fiction in his work.

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Science Thriller
Rowohlt (2008)
379 pp


Jesse Brown is the world's fastest track runner. He is consistent, invincible and obviously infallible. While other athletes around him get involved in doping scandals, he remains clean.

When several fellow athletes suddenly die under horrible circumstances doping investigators make a frightening discovery: the victims had undergone genetic manipulation. Is this the secret of Jesse's dominance? A race for life and death begins.

The author conjures a terrifying 'brave new world' where man is improved by means of genetic experimentation. All the medical facts are cutting edge and scientifically grounded. The novel is a fast-paced and scary science-thriller that never departs one inch from our immediate reality. It's this quality that makes it so nightmarish.

A partial English translation is available.



Science Thriller
Rowohlt (2004)
384 pp

Rights sold:
Slovakia: IKAR;
Czech Republic: Knihy ABZ;
Israel: Yanshuf;


Scientists had finally found a way to supply enough donor organs by genetically engineering animals and transplanting their organs to humans. For many years xenotransplantation was considered safe, until...

Two babies are dying painfully from an unknown disease. When young doctor Narcy tries to identify the disease, she is fired. She joins forces with television reporter Matthew Gallagher to find the virus and the people who try to cover up the deaths. A race against time begins as the body count rises. At the same time people with kidney transplants around the world begin to disappear...

XENESIS was nominated for the European Union Commission's ┬╗Descartes Prize for Science Communication┬ź in 2007.