Amsél by Abdenbi SarroukhAmsél by Abdenbi Sarroukh

Amsél (aka Franziska Selma Muheim) grew up in Schwyz and in Zurich. After a photographer's apprenticeship she went on to take her A levels. At 47 and after several interruptions she graduated with a degree in psychology from Zurich University.

Today Amsél lives and works as a psychologist ("PhotoCoaching"), photographer and writer in Zurich and in Tanger, where she organises travel workshops using photography to encounter the self and the foreign.

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Verlag Die Brotsuppe (November 2016)
312 pp



Tarik is a loner who seeks enlightenment. Ornithologist Chaya is looking for a migrating bird from Siberia. And botanist Thelma believes she has given up looking for anything. These three meet in the magical city of Tanger, at a scientific conference about the dangers of desertification. None of them could have imagined that this chance encounter would lead to passionate love, and to decisions that fundamentally changed their lives and their worldviews.

Morocco and Tanger form the backdrop for a love story full of adventures, a story that tells of our longing for togetherness and freedom.