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Angélique Beldner was born and raised in Bern. She trained first as a typographer and later as an actress, and also holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Communication Management and Leadership. She started her career as a journalist in 1999 at Radio Förderband in Bern. From 2002 to 2004 she worked for SRF Virus. After a stay abroad and a job in the communications industry, she became editor-in-chief at Radio Canal 3 in Biel in 2006. In 2008, she moved to Radio SRF, where she worked as an editor and presenter. Since 2015, she has worked at SRF television, where she anchors the midday and early evening editions of the Tagesschau. Since January 2020, she has also been hosting the quiz show "1 gegen 100".

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Angélique Beldner, Martin R. Dean, Der Sommer, in dem ich Schwarz wurde


Current Affairs
Atlantis Literaturverlag (September 2021)
190 pp


For a long time it was unthinkable for Angélique Beldner, the first black news anchor on Swiss national television, to speak out about racism, not because she didn't experience it, but because she didn't want the colour of her skin to play a role in her life: So she kept quiet for a long time, excusing racist remarks, tucking them away and thus trying to escape the pain. But in the course of the Black Lives Matter movement she realized: enough is enough!

In The Summer I Turned Black, Angélique Beldner joins writer Martin R. Dean in a search for a language in which to speak about and against racism. Against the backdrop of their biographies, they ask crucial questions: Where does Switzerland stand on the issue of racism? What perspectives, what attitudes are there? What is at stake and for whom? Angélique Beldner and Martin R. Dean's conversations are an invitation to everybody to listen, to look, and to question their own positions.