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Benjamin Cors is a television journalist and has reported for many years for the main news programmes on the ARD network (Tagesschau, Tagesthemen and Weltspiegel). He currently works in the same capacity for the regional broadcaster SWR. Benjamin is German-French and spent the summers of his childhood in Normandy. His crime series about the charismatic bodyguard Nicolas Guerlain has a large fan base, his books regularly land on the bestseller list.

Benjamin Cors is currently working on two new novels, which will be published in 2024 and 2025.

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Benjamin Cors, Krähentage


Mai 2024
400 pp

Days of the Crows

On their very first day at work, the investigative duo Jakob Krogh and Mila Weiss are faced with a mystery. On the fringes of an investigation, they come across the body of an elderly woman who was demonstrably seen alive after her death. How is this possible? Shortly afterwards, a young student is found in his apartment, apparently still at university after his death. But that's not all: crows are found at both crime scenes, starved and carrying an ominous message. Jakob and Mila, together with the team of the new Group 4, hunt a ghost that could be anyone: a neighbor, a colleague, a friend ... and someone who is far from ready to end the time of the crows.


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of the Normandy crime novels featuring Nicolas Guerlain, published by dtv.