Benjamin CorsBenjamin Cors is a political television journalist and has reported for many years for 'ARD Tagesschau', 'ARD Tagesthemen' and 'Weltspiegel'. Today he works for 'SWR'. He is German-French and spent the summers of his childhood in Normandy. His crime series about the charismatic bodyguard Nicolas Guerlain has a large fan base and his books regularly end up on the bestseller list.

Benjamin is at work on a sequel to his first thriller »Krähentage«, and another novel in the Nicolas Guerlain series.

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Benjamin Cors, Krähentage


(May 2024)
400 pp

He's playing the role of a lifetime

Two ambitious investigators, a highly intelligent serial killer - a relentless race against time.

On their very first day at work, the investigative duo Jakob Krogh and Mila Weiss are faced with a mystery. On the fringes of an investigation, they come across the body of an elderly woman who was demonstrably seen alive after her death. How is this possible? Shortly afterwards, a young student is found in his apartment, apparently still at university after his death. But that's not all: crows are found at both crime scenes, starved and carrying an ominous message. Jakob and Mila, together with the team of the new Group 4, hunt a ghost that could be anyone: a neighbor, a colleague, a friend ... and someone who is far from ready to end the time of the crows.

Benjamin Cors enters new territory: tougher, bloodier, more suspenseful - a breathtaking thriller from the bestselling author



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