Charpentier-AnnetteDr. Annette Charpentier studied English and German language and literature in Frankfurt and Bristol/England. After working in publishing for several years she moved to Wales, trained as a counsellor/psychotherapist and has been working as a therapist and mediator for over ten years.

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Ausgeschlafene Tipps für Dauergähner

Advice, How-to
Lübbe (2010)
176 pp


All about Good Sleep, its Benefits and How to Achieve it

Are you tired? Really tired? Good! – What? I hear you say. Being tired is annoying, it has no place in our society! We do everything to suppress tiredness. We are not allowed to be tired, it’s inefficient, a sign of weakness, maybe even of an illness.

But tiredness is the Royal Road to sleep. Recent research has brought home to us how invaluable sleep is for us – it makes us more clever, more beautiful, healthier and even fitter and slimmer!

Annette Charpentier shows how important tiredness is as sleep’s predecessor She describes how to recognize signs of tiredness as our inbuilt signal to rest. She demonstrates how beneficial this “in-between state” is for humans (particularly for our creativity) and helps us appreciate our own individual tiredness as a way to a better, healthier sleep-wakefulness balance.


Eigene Energien nutzen, Zuversicht gewinnen

Advice, Psychology
Kreuz (2008)
180 pp

UK: Health 'n' Life Publishing (2005);

How to Confidently Learn to Live with Your Fear

Fear has always been our key for survival – without fear we would perish very quickly. With panic attacks people suffer from an exaggerated version of this core feeling of ours. We can learn to harness this sometimes crippling condition. The author explains the evolutionary meaning of fear and what happens in our body and brain when we suffer from panic attacks. The mere act of understanding the physiological process defuses anxiety and panic. We learn that they don't pose a threat to our health and can be taken charge of. The book includes simple exercises that help you to reduce your fear of the fear.

A well-researched and practical guide that adds a philosphical dimension to the genre of self-help books.


Das Entrümpelungsbuch für die zweite Lebenshälfte

Pendo (2008)
160 pp


We all have our ways, especially as we get on in years. Habits help us to structure our daily routine and provide a semblance of security. But routines can also stifle us and trap us. They can easily turn into boring repetitiveness which takes all zest out of life. Recent neuro-physiological research has shown that the tendency to live by strict routines and habits can dull our minds and restricts the ability to enjoy life, even at a later age.

By reviewing our daily, weekly and yearly routines Annette Charpentier shows us how to shed the fears which make us resort to presumably safe routines. Step by step we learn how we can make our life more interesting, challenging, enjoyable again and regain our sense of confidence, of spontaneity and flexibility.