Giedion-Sigfried1Photo: Nicola Bossard; © gta ArchivSigfried Giedion (1888-1968) was a Swiss historian of architecture. He studied Engineering and History of Art and obtained a Ph.D. from Vienna University. In 1923 he visited the Bauhaus and met Walter Gropius, which led to extensive studies of this movement and its protagonists. In time he became a pioneer of modernism himself. Together with Le Corbusier he co-initiated the foundation of the Congrès Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne, becoming its first and only Secretary General. In 1938/39 Giedion taught at Harvard, and his Charles Eliot Norton Lectures there were the basis for his magnum opus, »Space, Time & Architecture«, the standard reference of modern architecture. After 1946 he taught both at ETH Zurich and Harvard. He died in 1968 in Zurich.

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Works (selection)

Building in France, Building in Iron, Building in Ferroconcrete
(first published in German in 1928)

Space, Time & Architecture:
The Growth of a New Tradition
(first published in English in 1941)

Mechanization Takes Command
(first published in English in 1948)

Architecture, You and Me:
The Diary of a Development
(first published in German in 1956)

The Eternal Present: The Beginnings of Art
The Eternal Present: The Beginnings of Architecture

(first published in English in 1962/1964)

Architecture and the Phenomena of Transition:
The Three Space Conceptions in Architecture

(first published posthumously in German in 1970)