Goetsch Monika© Ines BruckschenMonika Goetsch, studied literature, theatre and communications in Munich, where she now lives. She is a freelance journalist for various magazines and newspapers.

Monika's novel in progress received a writing grant from the city of Munich.


Agent: Dörthe Binkert, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Dörlemann (2012)
224 pp


When Anna learns of her brother's death, she returns to the place where it all began. She and her brother used to spend the summer at a quarry pond, where they swam with friends, drank »la fée verte« and dreamed of going away. But they wouldn't take Frank the loser along. One summer night it all ends abruptly, brutally, and nothing is as it was before. Anna moves away to go to college, while her brother survives somehow, doing odd jobs. But none of them can escape the past.

(An English translation is available.)



Dörlemann (2010)
240 pp


It begins with a mysterious phone call. Since she gave birth to her daughter, Ellen can't cope anymore, and now, expecting her second child, she is asked to go to a place she used to know and pick up a folder full of documents.

It turns out that the phone call wasn't meant for Ellen at all, but for her recently deceased mother. Ellen learns that she had a brother she never knew.

Why was Ellen never told about her brother? What happend to him? Awkwardly and reluctantly she begins to search for answers, and dives into her mother's past...

(An English translation is available.)