Michael Lüders© Ekko von SchwichowDr. Michael Lüders, born in Bremen in 1959, studied Arabic literature in Damaskus, and Islamic studies, political and communication sciences in Berlin. His doctoral thesis was on the cinema in Egypt. For many years he was the Middle East correspondent for the weekly Die Zeit. He is a regular contributor and commentator for many German language radio and television channels and networks. Michael Lüders was or is guest lecturer at the Middle East Center of the University of Sakarya in Turkey (2015/16), lecturer at the Center for Middle East Studies at Philipps Universität Marburg (2008/09), President of the German-Arabic Society, Deputy Chairman of the the German Orient Foundation, Consultant of the Foreign Office, etc. Michael Lüders is also the author of several non-fiction books, notably »Wer den Wind sät« (C.H. Beck, März 2015), which has been on the top ten of the Spiegel Paperback list for 50 weeks.


Michael Lüders Never Say Anything


C.H. Beck (February 2016)
367 pp

Journalist Sophie Schelling expected to leave for an ordinary research trip, but soon finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time: She sees something she never should have seen. 

Sophie is confronted with a moral dilemma: Should she risk her life trying to find out the whole truth? Or should she forget what she has seen? She gets tangled up in the web of an overpowering enemy, and her quest for the truth becomes a bloody fight - for her own life.

Michael Lüders' gripping political thriller shows the dark side of the American drone war, and the machinations of intelligence agencies, told from the perspective of a young woman who takes her job more seriously than is good for her. The story is fictitious, but similiarities with current politics and warfare were unavoidable.