René ZeyerFoto: Rolf EdelmannJournalist and writer Dr. René Zeyer was foreign correspondent of Neue Zürcher Zeitung based in Havanna. After his return to Switzerland he worked for various publications (Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Geo, Stern, Das Magazin, Die Weltwoche, among them). For many years he has been an independent communication consultant, primarily in the area of finance. He spoke up for the Swiss victims of the Lehman crash.

René Zeyer is the author of one novel and three non-fiction books about financial economy, among them the Spiegel bestseller »Bank, Banker, Bankrott«.

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Warum die Armen uns ruinieren

Current Affairs
Campus (2013)
211 pp

Why the Poor Bring us to Ruin

"The best and most effective method to fight poverty is to not support the poor." With this statement, journalist and bestselling author René Zeyer breaks into a taboo zone.

All previous methods to fight poverty have one thing in common: They were mostly ineffective, in developing countries no less than in industrialised ones. The redistribution of wealth ruins the welfare state, and the growing poverty industry bans critical thinking. Benefit recipients are incapacitating themselves, but are not required to take responsibility for their subsistence. It is high time for an unsparing look at the facts.