Thomas D. ZweifelThomas D. Zweifel is a management consultant, leadership professor and author of several books on leadership and humanistic strategy. In 1997 he co-founded Swiss Consulting Group, named a "Fast Company" by Fast Company magazine, which he sold in 2013. Since 1997 he has served as a consultant and leadership coach for 40+ Fortune 500 firms as well as government and UN agencies, nonprofits and the military. He holds  a Ph.D. in International Political Economy from New York University; since 2001 he has been Adjunct Professor at Columbia University and Lecturer at St. Gallen University. He lives in Zurich with his wife and their two daughters.;
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Managing the Global High-Performance Team

USA: SelectBooks (2013)
192 pp

Original edition
USA: SelectBooks (2003);
France: Editions du Tricorne (2006)

Few are prepared for managing across cultures, and the costs of cultural blind spots can spin out of control-from lawsuits to lost opportunities. Forged in the fire of clashing cultures and living on four continents, Dr. Zweifel developed a fool-proof methodology for managing successfully across borders. And post-9/11, the Arab Spring and the BRICS emerging markets, e-commerce and social networks have made this updated and expanded edition of Culture Clash indispensible.

Was Führungskräfte von
den Zehn Geboten lernen können

Management, Leadership
Linde (2012)
336 pp

USA: SelectBooks (2008)

The Ten Commandments for 21st Century Leaders

Leadership is in crisis. From business to government, leaders have lost their compass in the rough seas of a borderless economy, the Internet and turbulent markets.

How do you breed principled leaders for the 21st century? Is leadership a matter of DNA, culture, or coaching?

The answer comes from an unexpected source: the 3,000-year-old tradition of Judaism. Torah, Talmud and Kabbalah hold life-and-death leadership stories of insurmountable odds, ethical dilemmas, lust and betrayal, and offer astonishingly practical lessons for 21st-century managers.

In a unique synergy, Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel has teamed up with Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin to blend the timeless wisdom of the Ten Commandments with a cutting- edge methodology based on 25 years of coaching leaders.

Thomas Zweifel Communicate or Die

Getting Results Through Speaking and Listening

USA: SelectBooks
128 pp

Germany: Gabler (2004; 2015)
China: Citic (2004);
France: Editions du Tricorne (2005);
Indonesia: Gramedia (2008);

Often leaders have a great vision, but don't know how to communicate their strategies. Just as often, a company's staff has insight and information that never makes its way to the top. In short, the difference between a good company and a great one may lie in its ability to communicate. Dr. Thomas Zweifel shows how to change the way you speak and listen.
Thomas Zweifel Strategy-in-Action

Marrying Planning, People and Performance

USA: CreateSpace (2014)
252 pp

Germany: Springer Gabler (2016)

Economic crises and the meltdown of some of the world’s major financial firms make it clear: traditional strategic planning no longer guarantees success. Uncertainty and change, globalization, empowered consumers, and flatter hierarchies call for a new approach. Strategy-in-Action shows, through cutting-edge research and compelling cases, how companies ended the long-standing divorce between planners and implementers. One saved $200 million from people power and another made €74 million from innovation. CEOs and strategists will find a systematic roadmap for win- ning strategies: how to stand in the future, get intelligence from far-flung locations, give voice to dissenters, maximize ownership, screen out losers efficiently, and produce quick wins. In short, Strategy-in-Action gives readers the art and science of planning, people, and performance. “The insights will force you to think and then rethink what you thought you knew.” — Malcolm Elvey, Chairman, Academy of Chief Executives “The only strategy book I know that integrates strategy alignment, high- ly pragmatic execution and performance, and the human element in one seamless process.” — Dr. Frank Waltmann, Head of Learning, Novartis AG “A systematic, almost foolproof methodology for building the company's strategy with maximum ownership and results. This book is hands-on, entertaining and efficient—and sure to add value to your company.” — Dr. Alexander V. Herzog, CFO Ruf Group, CEO AVATECH & Ruf Svcs.

How to Build Accomplishments Bigger Than Yourself. A Systematic Self-Coaching Workbook

USA: iHorizon (2009)
200 pp

Vietnam: Than Thu (2011);


Based on the Global Leader Pyramid™ developed by Dr. Thomas Zweifel, this self-coaching handbook helps to improve results, quality, and speed.