Anthology fee

EUR 12,- per page in the referenced edition of the copyright material and for commenced (!) print runs of 3'000 copies hardcover or quality paperback, or 8'000 copies mass-market paperback. Pro rata accounting for subsets of these print runs is not possible, but publishers may re-print until the paid-for printing has been reached. Permission for the use of any existing translation of the copyright material has to be cleared separately.

Other permissions and original contributions

Subject to negotiation.

Minimal fee

A minimum fee of EUR 150,- for all permissions (where a fee is charged) applies.

Ebook rights

Double rates apply for all fees (per page fee, minimum licence fee) if you are interested in acquiring both print and electronic (ebook) rights.

Late request

Should a permission request be submitted later than four weeks before printing of your publication and put the proprietor before a fait accompli, a surcharge of at least 50% of the regular fee will apply.

These terms are non-negotiable.