David Tsai, Bardon - Chinese Media Agency -

Czech Rep.     Dr. Ivana Beil (children's & Ya literature)
France     Eliane Benisti
Hungary     Balla & Co. Literary Agents
Italy     Berla & Griffini Rights Agency -
Japan     Tuttle Mori Agency -
S. Korea     Greenbook Literary Agency (non-exclusive)
      Imprima Korea Agency (non-exclusive) -
      KCC Korea Copyright Centre (non-exclusive) -
Netherlands     Marianne Schönbach -
Poland     Graal Literary Agency -
Portugal     International Editors
Scandinavia     Licht & Burr Agency -
Spanish World     International Editors
Turkey     Onk Agency -


For all other languages and territories please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We also handle the international rights of authors represented by agent Ernst Piper (Berlin).