Emma KindlingEmma Kindling was born in Germany. For the last thirty years she has been living in Wales, where the novel is set. She works as a translator and psychotherapist and is the author of several books on popular psychology. PATCH is her first novel.

Agent: Dörthe Binkert, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Emma Kindling Patch



54.000 words


Maria has taken early retirement. After twenty years of therapeutic work with juvenile sex offenders and teenagers with antisocial behaviour she is longing for some normality - enjoying her house in the country, the garden and most of all the days when she looks after her grandchildren.

But life doesn’t stay as idyllic as Maria had hoped for. Some strange occurrences make her feel increasingly confused and frightened: The bizarre behaviour of the old woman in the house opposite, the inexplicable disappearance of toys from the garden and an ex-client of hers turning up in the village. When she learns that not too long ago and very close by a child had been found murdered -  the perpetrator was never found  -  she kind of loses control.

Maria used to be a positive and confident person, but now she feels threatened in a world shaped by indifference, neglect and abuse. The thought that her relentless commitment  to better the lives of disadvantaged young people has only been a drop in the ocean fills her with disappointment and anger. Her personality undergoes changes.
And when Maria is actually stalked and her little granddaughter is in danger, she acts instinctively.